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Room Spray

60 ML Frosted Glass Bottle  $10.00 each

Can be used in Homes, Cars, on linens. Anywhere where a quick shake an spray to freshen up is needed!

Available Sprays

Lavender & Lime

Rose & Vanilla

Wild Orchid

Fresh Laundry

Soft Leather

Vanilla Musk

Spa Day- Bamboo&Teak

Crashing Waves- Sea Salt&Sage

Be Happy- Green Tea&White Pear

Hawaiian Sky- Citrus, Floral and Coconut

Autumn Leaves- Mulled Cider, Berries & Cinnamon

Winter Candy Apple- Apples, Cinnamon& Roses

O' Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve- Cinnamon & Clove

Ole Fashioned Ribbon Candy